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1) you are at the beginning and want to learn how to make beautiful paper flowers?

2) don't have a cutting plotter?

3) you have no idea what tools are needed to make the paper flowers?

4) you don't know what is the best paper to make paper flowers?

5) you don't have time to cut out the necessary cards and would much create paper flowers?




Crea anche TU 🌷 is the product that is right for you!!!


Create YOU also has been studied in every detail 🥰

Let's look at it more closely...What will you find inside?


Inside you'll find:

(1) The selection of cards pre-cut ( now you can realize your favorite flower )

2) a List of the tools needed

3) a Short and useful tutorial photo step by step

4) personal Password to receive the file of the pattern ( in pdf format, studio, svg )

5) video tutorial

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